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New Kits    Dec 2017           1/72


AM-2058 Heinkel He P 1078 C

complete kit 1/72

AM-6035 Bombentorpedo BT 400

conversion kit 1/72 (incl Decals)

AZ-72016 Me 262 V-9 with racing cabin HG 1

conversion kit 1/72 (incl. Decals)

AZ-72017 Me 262 V-9 with racing cabin & 40° Wingroots HG 1

conversion kit 1/72 (incl. Decals)


AM-6037 BMW 801 12 blade cooling fan

conversion kit 1/72

AM-6038 BMW 801 S/TS         14 blade cooling fan

conversion kit 1/72

AM-6045  Bf 109 E/F/G/K             Antennas

conversion/detailing kit 1/72

AM-6046  Fw 190 A/F/G/D            Antennas

conversion/detailing kit 1/72


AM-6021 Fw 190 A-6/R7 A-8/R2  "Rammjäger"

conversion kit 1/72

AM-6021-25  Fw 190 A-8
SPECIAL EDITION "Rammjäger" + "Krebsgerät" incl. DECALS

conversion kit 1/72

AM-6040  Welding Equipment & Trolley Ww 2

complete kit 1/72



New Kits         Dec 2017           1/48:


AZ-48024  Bf 109 G-6
Neptun FuG 217

conversion kit 1/48 (incl Decals)

AZ-48039  Scaffold Ladder h<2.00 m

airfield accessory kit 1/48 (incl wooden plank)

AZ-48041  Tail Wheel Towbar
3 set

airfield accessory kit 1/48



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