About us

In February 2001, Airmodel moved its headquarters from Albstadt / Ebingen in Baden-Württemberg to central Germany near Frankfurt, and thus also changed its owner. For a long time Mr. Frank from Frankmodelbau led the company before I luckily had been able to take it over. Mr. Frank enjoys his well-deserved retirement.

Since the 70'th Airmodel was one of the first model manufacturers for small series in Germany. Airmodel became known for his handmade, vacuum-formed plastic models in scale 1/35 , 1 /32, 1/48 and 1 / 72.

In the 80'th Airmodel was one of the first producer of Resin-kits (originaly “epoxy kits”). The techniques and materials had been developed continuously during the 90´th of the twentieth century. Since 2006 "Perfect Scale Betzler" provides us with excellent Resin-molded kits and resins. 2011 Airmodel launched its successful Resin and Photo-Etched conversion kits and airfield accessories in scale 1/72 and 1/48.

Since 01.February 2001 Matthias Simon is Airmodels new owner.

"I was born in Seligenstadt / Germany in 1967, where I attended elementary and high school and studied engineering in Darmstadt after I got my high-school diploma."

"I started model making when I was 9 years old after I was given a MATCHBOX NA B-25 Mitchel, [PK405]. Some of you may remember the 2-3 colored kits of this famous company long ago."

This was the starting point of a passion we probably share all. The first few years everything had been built what was on the bench, until I discovered my obsession for the Aircraft modeling in scale 1/72. When I owned the company in early 2001, my interest expanded again to different scales and other types of models .

"I am responsible for all the work of the company. I take care of research, planning and design, prototyping, or drawings, box-art and box-layout, production, website, customer communication, advertising and marketing, sales , packaging and shipping and of course all the necessary office work."

The satisfaction of my customers is very important to me and I always try to help solving any possible problem that might occure.

" KING -class MODELING " challanging modelkits for advanced modellers.

Yours sincerly Matthias Simon