Galleries of built Airmodel kits:

Gallerys of built Airmodel Kits presented from modelers all around the world!

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AM-024 RF-8 / TF-8 Crusader conversion :
SCALE 1/72
Mr Ernst Amacher (CH) used the new ACADEMY F-8 Crusader kit as basic kit for this Airmodel conversion kit.


AM-9006 German Imperial Airforce Maintenance Tent WW 1 :
SCALE 1/72
Mr Oliver Junge (GER) built this very nice WW 1 Airfield Diorama on which airmodels WW 1 Maintenance tent found a nice place.


AM-107 Heinkel He 343 A-1/A-2  B-1:
SCALE 1/72
Airmodel AM-107 Heinkel He 343 built by Prof. G Arnold (GER).


AM-193 North American Sabreliner:
 SCALE 1/72
Mr Carmal J. Attard (MALT) built this challenging wonderfull T-39 Sabreliner kit from the mid 80´ies.


AM-1065 Hs 117 mounted on a Panzer III Chassis
SCALE 1/35
Mr M Gonzales Huerta (ESP) mounted the Airmodel AM-1065 Henschel Hs 117 on a Panzer III chassis. A very nice idea from a project that hadn´t been realized in the end of war. Acually it was planed to make the rocket moveable with this solution.


AE-08 BR 05 003 Streamline locomotive "Führerstand vorne"
SCALE 1/87
Mr M. Koschek´s (GER) perfectly done model of the Airmodel AE-08 conversion kit.


AM-333 Northop F-15 "Reporter"
SCALE 1/72
Airmodel AM-333 conversion based one the Airfix / Novo P-61 kit built by Mr. A. Kalberer (CH).


AM-028 Blohm & Voss Bv 155
 SCALE 1/72
Airmodel AM-028 Blohm & Voss Bv 155 vacuumformed kit built by Prof. G Arnold (GER).


AM-024 Crusader RF-8 / TF-8
SCALE 1/72
Airmodel AM-024 Crusader RF-8 / TF-8 vacuumformed conversion kit built by Herrn Ernst Kögel (GER).


AM-576 Kfz. 31 Horch "Sanitaetswagen"
SCALE 1/35
Airmodel AM-576 Kfz. 31 Horch San-car vacuumformed conversion kit built by  Markus Doerr (GER).