On these page various Building-Reviews of Airmodel Kits are presented from airmodel and modellers all around the world!


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Airmodel AE-91    Triebwagenzug  VT 11.5 (TEE-Intercity) Spur TT:
Scale 1/120
This is the first building report of an Airmodel Railway TT-Scale conversion kit. Mr Andreas Zille (GER) got a very nice result out of it.


Airmodel AM-351  VF 614  [Fokker VFW 614]:
Scale 1/72
See here a small but very nice building review of Mr Carmal J. Attards [Malta] Airmodel VFW 614.


AM-2069 Blohm & Voss Bv P 209.02
Scale 1/72
Since a short time this Resinkit is offered in revised version. Time to have a closer look and see this building review.


AM-9004 "small Shelter" Diorama base kit:
Scale 1/72
This Airmodel Diorama base kit is simple and perfectly useable for beginners. One example for assembling and painting.


AM-006 Messerschmitt Me 163 C:
Scale 1/72
This Airmodel kit is recommended as beginner / starter kit for vacuumformed modeling because of its simple structure.


AM-556 Aggregat A-4b "V-2":
Scale 1/35
A vacuumformed conversion kit you do not need much comments to explain how to handle it. It´s absolutely easy to convert an "Aggregat" A-4 (V-2) into an "Aggregat" A-4b (V-2) with additional wings to increase its range.


AM-099 Mikojan Mig 21 E-8A / YE-8:
Scale 1/72
A so caled "combi-Kit" with small parts in resin makes assembly much more easy.  The here described assembly of the Airmodel AM-099 Mig 21 E-8 / YE-8 vacuuformed kit with resin parts shows in example how to handle them


AM-053 Cornelius XFG-1 "Fuel-Glider"
Scale 1/72
Again an extensive building report based on airmodels vacuumformed kit. This building report shows some more general techniques, rules and hints how to handle this kind of model kits.


AM-362 Focke Wulf F 19 a "Ente"
Scale 1/72
Enter a extensive building report based on this airmodel vacuumformed kit. Find a very extensive building report which shows general techniques, rules and hints how to handle this kind of model kits.


AM-298 Blohm & Voss BV 238 V-1
Scale 1/72
Mr Alexander Schuch (GER) built a perfect model of the Airmodel BV 238. A very basic kit that needs a lot of modeling skills. He built a very nice plane.


AM-169 Heinkel He 119
Scale 1/72
Mr Bernhard Wenzel (GER) built the Airmodel AM-169 Heinkel He 119 kit. His V-5 version of the floatplane is not offered with the kit, but with some spare parts out of his spare-parts-box he built a very nice plane.


AM-2070 Horten Ho VII Trainer
Scale 1/72
My Horten Ho VII built out of the new Airmodel AM-2051 Horten Ho VII Resin kit in scale 1/72.