Fw 190 A-9/F-9 14 Blade Cooling Fan BMW 801 S/TS conversion 1/72

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Resin and PhotoEtched Conversion Kit for one Fw 190 BMW 801 S or TS Engine

This kit enables you to convert any Fw 190 kit into a Fw 190 A-9 or F-9  with stronger BMW 801 S or TS engines. Its main feature was the 14 bladed cooling fan instead the normal 12 bladed cooling fan. Also this aircraft used wider wooden propeller. Though these later were replaced again with the normal metal propellers.

The photoetched set is made out of thicker brass (0,3 mm instead of 0,1-0,16mm) than usual. That is more stabel and looks also more like the original.

With this photoetched set you can build one Fw 190 A-9 or F-9 with BMW 801 S/TS engine

NEW 11/2017


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  • Diese Bausätze sind kein Spielzeug. Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 14 Jahren! / No toys. These kits are not suitable for children below 14 Years
  • Hergestellt von Airmodel Deutschland / product of Airmodel germany
  • Lieferbar / Available
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