Fw 190 F-8/U2 (R16) Bombentorpedos BT 400 conv 1/72

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Conversion kit contains:

  • Photo-Etched parts   (incl FuG 101)
  • Resin Parts
  • Decals

Early 1943 the departement "Technische Luftrüstung" led by Dr. Benecke proposed a new type Torpedo and developed and tested it at the Researchinstitute "Graf Zeppelin. The so called "BombenTorpedo" is unpowered Torpedo which was dropped in a low angle. This new developed Torpedo could be build in shortest time, much cheaper and resource saving. No expensive PowerUnit was needed.

Developed, built and tested had been:
BT 200 / BT 400 / BT 700a / BT 700 b / BT 1000 / BT 1400 / BT 1850

It is reported that some BT 400 and BT 1400 had been in service. Beginning 1945 the developement had been stopped.

NEU 11/2017


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  • Diese Bausätze sind kein Spielzeug. Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 14 Jahren! / No toys. These kits are not suitable for children below 14 Years
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