Me 262 V056 Nightfighter Testbed conv 1/72

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Conversion kit contains:

  • Photo-Etched parts
  • Decals
This kit enables you to build 4 different Stages of one of the most known Me 262 prototypes.
The Messerschmitt Me 262  V056 with Werknummer WNr.:170056 completed 176 Testflights with 49 h 45 min flight duration until march 1945. Its maiden flight was mid july 1944. On 06. august 1944 it was transfered to the Messerschmitt flight test program. Countless tests on Brakes, Hecker brake brackets, Flettner rudders, ailerons, refueling and bombrack equiupment, windows cleaning devices, rato deviced und different Radar equipments where done.  At this time it was not possible to show a 100% correct complete chronological history.

Stage 1:
Red dorsal fin running from top of it´s cockpit to the base of the vertical fin. These had been mounted to improve its directional stability. One verifiable picture shows the starboardside of the plane without Radar equipment but with back tail without wool tufts. It´s unclear if the V056 had been applied to the fuselage, because the right wing covers this area.

Stage 2:
„Streamlined“ FuG 218 „Neptun V ?“ Radar equipment (PE-parts 3-6). Several pictures showing only the starboard side. The FuG 226 „Neuling“ was mounted on the backboard wing. The pictured showing a black tail with wool tufts, which where possibly mounted also on the vackboard side of the fuselage.

Stage 3:
Radar rod antenna FuG 218 „Neptun V1" equipment (PE-parts 5 & 6 together with Ø 0,4 mm brass wire as shown in assembly instructions).
Flew with and without FuG 226 „Neuling“ on its StB wing. Blach Tail with wool tufts (as shown in stage 2). Stage 2 and 3 probably tested at the same time area

Stage 4:
Tailfin (PE-part „d“). On a trial basis additionaly mounted with radar equipment of Stage 3. Pictures showing this tailfin mounted on the V056 at the end of the war together with FuG 226 (evtl. also FuG 218 V1). Here without black Tail and/or Wool tufts on StB side.

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