Fw 190 A-5/A-6 MG 17 fuselage gun-cover conversion 1/72

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Resin Conversion Set

Al early Focke Wulf Fw 190 had been equiped with two Fuselage 7,92 mm MG 17. With the Fw 190 A-5 production series the engine had been moved 15 cm forwards to get better mass centre because heavier weapon loads. With this modification also the MG 17 Gun-Cover had to be changed.

This conversion enables you to convert the REVELL Fw 190 A-8 into a Fw 190 A-5/A-6/A-7 with MG 17 gun cover (also HASEGAWA Fw 190 can be converted)

NEU 11/2015


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  • Diese Bausätze sind kein Spielzeug. Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 14 Jahren! / No toys. These kits are not suitable for children below 14 Years
  • Hergestellt von Airmodel Deutschland / product of Airmodel germany
  • Lieferbar / Available
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