SB 800 RS Kurt vers. 2 bouncing bomb conv. 1/48

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Resin Conversion Set + Photo Etched Parts

The development of this
SB 800 RS "Kurt" bouncing bombs against ship targets begun in the autumn of 1943. The few available informations reporting about many successful bombings in several different versions (see also also offered Vers.1, AZ-48016). The first test had been done  without the rocket propulsion engine and were not very satisfactory, since the impact speed was quite low. The later test were more satisfying, but the tests had been stopped in August 1944 for some reason. The bullet could bee accelerated by the rocket engine within 3 seconds to a speed of 330 m/sec. At the same time still in air the ball was seperated from the rocket engine. The bouncing bombe reached a speed range of 4500 meters.

The SB 800 RS Kurt had been droped from Fw 190, Ju 88 and Me 410

A total of 560 (​​!) Rolling bombs have been build without seeing service.

This kit enables you to build two different versions (small and larger sized Teil-box... see pictures)

Reference Source:     inter alia   "German Secret Weapons 1939-1945"; Fritz Hahn, Page 287 et seq

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